3J Services

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We are UK mobile container service specialists with over 40 years of experience in the shipping container industry. 3J Services Ltd supply shipping and storage containers nationwide along with on-site anti-condensation treatment, container repairs, painting and fitted steel lockboxes. Our speciality is the application of the anti-condensation treatment called Grafo-Therm. This product is the most cost-effective long-term solution for protection against condensation within steel storage containers and will give you and your clients peace of mind that their items will be stored in a clean and dry space. Our mobile team can attend your UK based site to treat single and multiple units in a day. Grafo-Therm has passed the condensation control method using the British testing method “Ministry of supply SSF B111”. A 1.5mm thickness of Grafo-Therm can absorb and control against dripping condensation of up to 1.0 litres moisture per m². The Grafo-Therm will be applied to the full container ceiling and around 4 inches down the container walls. Not only does Grafo-Therm protect against condensation, but it also protects against corrosion, prevents mould and gives a clean finish. We can repair shipping containers to bring them to being fully wind and watertight prior to the application which will prolong the life of your steel containers and ensure many more years of service.